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released January 1, 2011



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For the win San Diego, California

San Diego Pop Punk


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Track Name: See You Dudes On Wednesday
Lately I've been feeling fine, can you stop breathing down my spine. If i let you do your thing, then let me do mine!Ill make my move. I have nothing to say and nothing to prove to you, there isnt anything i cant handle.With or without you, my dreams will come true. Thanks for the good times, i think ill be fine.With or without you, i will know what to do.And when its all said and done nothing can hold us back from our hopes and dreams. We're doing what we want and becoming who we want to be. Ill stay true, to myself and everyone else who knows what it feels like to be brought down by someone else's insecurities. Let the waves crash down and drown them out of sight and out of your mind, say your goodbyes and make sure you say them right. Memories are all that's left so keep them close to you, right by your side.
Track Name: Starlet Jotrapsson
Open up your eyes to realize that there is so much more to life than what you know, and what youve been through. Your selfish acts will leave you waiting for someone to make you feel at home again, i did my best believe me. Its not easy to sit back and watch it all fall apart. From beginning to the end, you built me up to tear me down again. And you love to see me hit the ground, to break my bones and let me down. And all those endless nights i spent alone, i spent alone. You took me out at the knees left me laying on the floor all alone. And there is no place left to go, where there is no where left to run(no where left to run) And after all that you put me through, the least i can say is ive already forgiven you. Endless nights starring at the phone waiting, waiting, you gave me nothing only false hope and pretending. why i let you put me through everything, i dont know. Now i can see who you truly are, you truly are.

I will never forget you as bad as i want too.
And this ill never be over, I hope i haunt you forever.
Tell me how do you feel now? its your turn to be put on the spot.
Never again will i give my heart to someone so underserving.


You scarred me for life. Your bittersweet love that lived through a knife went in my back on more than one occasion. After all you put me through, the least i can say is ive already forgiven you, ive already forgiven you.